Thursday, 12 February 2015

North West Highland delights

Abseiling on the Forcan Ridge
This week I have been working a Intro to Mountaineering course in the North West Highlands for Moran Mountain with a team of 3 French chaps living in London.  The weather and conditions have taken a slight change here.  We climbed everyday but as the week went on it was clear that there was less and less snow to go around.  We spent a day refreshing skills at Fuar Tholl in quite wild conditions, we then climbed the A'Chioch Ridge on Beinn Bhan and the Forcan Ridge in Glen Shiel which were all showing lots of rock.  We had a crag sessions too involving all sorts of rope work and lead practice as well as a great session of dry tooling.  Not many photo's as we didn't get many views!

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