Sunday, 18 May 2008

After work enjoyment

Today after finishing a shift at The Ice Factor, I headed down to Glen Nevis with Hannah (our seasonal instructor) and Sian (our cafe assistant) and wandered up and climbed Pinnacle Ridge (S). I led up and then brought them both up in series. After walking down I then led them both up Clapham Junction. Hannah went for the HVS 5a section and Sian cruised the VS variation. We then wandered up to Resurrection (VS 4c) and once again I led up then brought them both up to the big tree. We then abseiled off and ran away from the midgies!

1 comment:

tortuguilla said...

oh my god!!!
it is amaziiiing congratulations..i would be really happy if i were in your place... i'll start climbing soon