Sunday, 18 May 2008

Walking up Ben Nevis at 50! 17/5/08

Today I led two great women up to the summit of Ben Nevis. This was a was such a great experience and achievement for these two ladies who are currently in their 51st year. With little and no experience walking in Scotland, this was the ultimate goal for them both and they did it. It was a pleasant day to be walking up the tourist route, not too hot nor to cold, but blimey - hundreds of walkers/runners. I have never been up the tourist route on a Saturday as busy as today! From car to summit to car took us 10 hours, so it was a long day but it was so nice to be outside on the hill. We were also blessed with clear views on the summit and had a great outlook as we all drank our whiskey and ate my mum's homemade chocolate brownies. (thanks mum)

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Nik said...

I am one of the sad mad old bags. Just to say that we could not have wished for a better person to guide us on our way. Guy, you were sweet "ching ching". Also can we please have your Mums recipe for the fab brownies. Thank you. N.xx