Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Cragging at Onich Slabs 5/5/08

Yesterday I took a Dutch family of 5 to Onich slabs for 3 hours of climbing and abseiling. After I rigged the crag, the group abseiled down to the foot of the wall. We did several bottom roped climbs, changing positions so everyone got a shot at each climb and had several goes at belaying. Then the group climbed to the top where I helped them into top roping mode so they all had a go at lowering a climber and belaying them from above. The group then abseiled once more to the bottom and then I brought them each up on a top rope. Skies were blue, very little wind and very warm. I then had to get back down to the Ice Factor to do a 1 hour rock climbing session on the wall. (no pictures)

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