Friday, 4 May 2012

January Jigsaw

Today I was back out with John who has recently fell in love with Buachaille Etive Mor but more specifically Rannoch Wall. After climbing Curved Ridge last week, he was really keen to climb a route that breaks through the steep wall. As the sun was shining and the routes were dry, we opted for January Jigsaw (Severe) which gives 4 great pitches of exposed climbing which becomes more and more exciting as you get higher. It was bitterly cold today so we didn't really want to be hanging around so after we topped out we descended down Curved Ridge and back to the bags. We had, what seemed like, the whole mountain to ourselves except one team was on their way up Curved Ridge as we were leaving. Another fantastic day with John who now has seen lots of other routes he wants to climb on the mountain. Watch this space to see what we get up to next time.

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