Saturday, 19 May 2012

Morning wander up Ben Nevis

Today I was with a group of 12 for an ascent of Ben Nevis, the first of their 3 Peaks Challenge, organised by Maximum Adventure.  Fred was out too helping but headed down at the zig zags with two clients who were not feeling up to it.  I pushed on with the remaining 10, reaching the summit in 3.5 hours and returning in 2.  A top effort by everyone.  Was very busy on the hill as usual on a Saturday.  Many groups were walking for charity, many for the personal challenge and some just out for enjoyment.  Great effort to the team pushing up the wheelchair!  Goes to show that teamwork can take people great places!  Hope they make it up.  Plenty of snow on the tops, didn't venture near the north face as the visibility was poor and there are reasonable cornices around the rim.  Looked very wintery though.  Snow was down to about the 5th corner on the zig zags and is tricky to move on as its so compact.  Little spikes on your feet would be an advantage!  We were back down for 1pm after our 7.30am start, gives me plenty of time to get ready for another mini-break (well still working actually, but feels like a mini holiday) on Skye.  Weather looks great!

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