Saturday, 5 May 2012

Walk up Lochnagar

Today I met up with a my good friend Ben Cooling and we led a group up Lochnagar for Wow Scotland. It was a fantastic day to be walking up a new mountain, the sun was shining and the tops were capped with snow. I was particularly excited about taking this group out as it gave me an opportunity to have a look at the crags on the side of Lochnagar, especially the possible winter lines. Really keen to climb here next winter! The walk was part of a charity event where the participants had placed a bid to spend a day walking with members of the Gurkha army. Out of the group of 14 there was 4 Gurkha's, 5 novice hill walkers and 3 folk that had walked up Lochnagar before and Ben and I. It was a great day with lots of tired people at the end.

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