Tuesday, 26 June 2012

All systems go on Skye

Today was traverse day so Rob, Jill and I headed off with out our light rucksacks after yesterdays stash.  We made rapid progress onto Sgurr nan Eag and the weather was looking great, blue skies as far as we could see and a lovely light wind saw us rapidly getting over to a little bag stash so we could dash over to Sgurr Dubh Mor.  As there were a few Raven's lingering around we piled up the bags and buried them under some rock's.  Unfortunately not quite enough rocks.  Once we returned from SDM, Jill's top zip of her bag had been opened and all her food for the two days had been eaten, everything except one cereal bar!  So we decided that we still had enough food to get us through.  So we pressed on through the TD gap, onto Sgurr Alasdair then onto Sgurr Mhic Choinnich. This is the point the weather came in, it came in hard.  Cloud eloped the peaks and brought rain and wind.  We donned our waterproofs and pressed on.  We arrived at the Inn Pinn but decided not to climb it as it had become very wet and quite windy, a dangerous combination on the most polished and exposed piece of rock on Skye!  Again we pressed on making our way through minimal viability and rain to find ourselves on top of Sgurr nan Banachdaich.  I guess if we had carried our bivi kit we would have bailed off the ridge here but we didn't fancy walking up the same route again the next day so we pressed on to find our kit.  Again we pressed on reaching Sgurr a'Ghreadaidh with the weather showing no signs of improving and we reached our bivi site....relieved!  I brewed up a hot drink for Jill and Rob whilst they ate and packed up the bivi kit ready for our escape from the mountain.  We were all to wet to bivi out for the night so we descended back down An Dorus to Glen Brittle youth hostel.  Near the bottom I ran ahead and jogged along the road to pick up my car from Glen Brittle camp site.  We got in the car at 23.30, a good 15.5 hour day!  Today I was working for Moran Mountain.

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