Friday, 22 June 2012

Tower Ridge

Today looked like it was going to be a suffer-fest on the hill with heavy rain and strong winds forecast.  Nigel, Diane and Mark knew what they were letting themselves in for and were still keen to get involved.  The weather actually turned out pretty good.  Our ascent went very well and stayed dry most of the way.  After getting the team into the Gap, I climbed down and I was just bridged across the gap and the heavens opened and they opened well!  The raindrops were huge, mixed with a few hail stones for good measure.  We stepped it up a gear and pressed onto the top and then onto the summit of Ben Nevis.  They guys loved that fact that the weather changed, made them feel good for having to wear waterproofs all day!  A quick descent saw us passing many walkers coming up the tourist route, mostly involved with some 3 peaks challenge.

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