Friday, 1 February 2013


Me getting involved in the crux (photo John Orr)

Me still involved (photo The Orr-icle)
After a week of wild weather at work I was keen for a shorter day out climbing.  Murdoch and John were well psyched and we walked into Coire an Lochain in the Northern Corries.  We made swift time into the corrie despite being in very limited visibility and opted for number 1 buttress.  Because it was the closest.  None of us had done Auricle (VI,7) so Murdoch racked up for the 1st pitch and despatched it quickly whilst John and I shivered.  Still recovering from a knee injury, Murdoch didn't fancy the crux pitch so that fell to me with John cleaning up the route with the top.  Super cold conditions with plenty of snow on the routes which made it a dream to climb.  Not too much clearing to be done and fortunately the cracks we clean.  A super day out and just what I needed.

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