Thursday, 28 February 2013

Green Gully

Alan smiling despite his calf muscles screaming

Youth of today! Always playing on their phones!

Today in the week in Florida
I hate my new camera, no lens cover!
With amazing ice conditions on Ben Nevis at the moment, it was hard to stay away.  Today I was back out with Alan and Austin and they were both keen for some sticky ice.  We avoided all the masses heading into Observatory Gully and headed up into the Ciste and got pole position on Green Gully (IV,3).  Austin is off to work in Florida for 12 weeks so he was keen to get some cold climbing done and Alan had a cold and was keen to blow the last of it away.  I think today we managed both.  We had a team follow us up but as the ice was like toffee I don't think we knocked too much on their heads (sorry if we did).  It was very cloudy where we were climbing but cleared briefly once we were at the top of the route.  This thaw will be doing the ice routes a world of good as long as we get another good freeze in due course.  We made a quick wander down number 4 gully which is very stepped out and very easy to down climb into.  Another great day with Alan and Austin.

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