Saturday, 2 March 2013

Moy Rock

With over 50 winter routes under my harness this winter so far, Murdoch and I thought it would be a nice change to do a spot of sport climbing.  2 minute walk in, 10 quick draws on my waist and a lower off from the top.  Sounds ideal! I was unsure to how I cope without axes in my hand, finger strength will have surely evaporated.  My legs had increased in diameter due to repeated walking into the mountains over a long period of time with a weighty rucksack on my back.  So with heavy legs and weak fingers I was not feeling over enthusiastic about my ability!  I was very pleased when I managed to get to the top of all the routes without any falls or rests.  Starting off on Little Teaser (6b+), The Dark Side (6c), The Ticks ate all the Midgies (7a) and Pulling on Pebbles (7a+).  I was feeling good and there were a few more route to try but unfortunately the rain came in and the psyche ran down the crags as the rain did the same.  A 90 second walk out to the car ended a very satisfying day.  Bring on the summer.... (in a month though)!

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