Thursday, 12 September 2013

Aonach Eagach

One of my favourite days out in Glencoe
Today was a afternoon jaunt up into Glencoe with my cousin Charlie and a few of his buddies. Don't worry I didn't charge him!  It was great weather so Charlies buddies thought they would do some 'extreme Yoga'.  I thought it was a ridiculous idea and when I tried it I felt ridiculous!  Maybe I didn't do it right but it felt weird.  I don't think its going to pick off with me but each to their own.  It was a good day with great craic and a nice beer at the Clachaig, standard Glencoe protocol!

The worst boy band in the world

Charlie has no fear!  It runs in the family!

Charlie ahead of the rest.....he clearly has good Genes!

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