Friday, 13 September 2013

The Needle

The Leg End

So....not the best of days!  Back out with the Big Ben.  A legend!  Quote of the day from Ben 'If you don't want to ever climb with me ever again I totally understand!'  Its not going to happen Ben.  Despite us having differences in abilities its still really good fun to go climbing with you even if we don't get up things.  But come on, stop backing of 4b pitches! ;)  We walked through the cloud to the Shelterstone, in the Cairngorms with the intention of climbing The Needle.  Uber classic!  Wanted to climb this for ages...and I still do.  After Ben Backed off the first pitch I led it and the next.  As Ben arrived at the belay saying 'I don't know how the f*@k you led that!?' it started to wasn't looking good.  We weighed up our options and abseiled down the route and walked to the top of the cliffs where the bags were.  I always hate bailing off routes but as the heavens opened, I was happy we did!
Not happy with the rock climbing conditions

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