Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Castle Ridge for my last bit of work for a while

That is me done for a wee while now.  Rest is upon me.  Ha, not likely.  I finished off a great summer season with a fun day out with Linda and Alan on Ben Nevis.  I have been out frequently with Alan over the years, Linda however hasn't been out for a few years but decided to burn both Alan and I off on the walk in!  We managed to slow her down so we could keep up!  We walked up from Achintee and traversed into the base of Castle Ridge, it was a little tricky to find as visibility was down to about 15-20m.  On the route the rock was generally dry but still slippery in places.  It has been years since I last climbed this classic scramble and it was really nice to finish my summer season getting reacquainted with it.  We didn't see or hear anyone else on the North Face, however there were points when we couldn't see each other as we only had a 30m rope.  The cloud came and went as we climbed and topped out into more mist.  Making our way over to the tourist route was fine, we 'felt' like wandering around for a while in the mist and then made our way down.  Linda was keen to burn Alan and I off again so she ran down to the car and Alan and I picked up as much litter as we could up all the way down.  It was pretty disgusting...banana and oranges skins, yoghurt pots, tampons, tissues, sweet wrappers, drinks bottles, a scarf, bottle of Bukkie and lots more!

We crammed a lot of rubbish into these makeshift bags!

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