Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Creag Dubh

Rachel and Pete on King Bee
Pete and I on Inbred
We had to escape Skye to find dry rock today. We had to escape the West coast. We were greeted with sunshine and a stiff breeze as Rachel, Pete and I pulled up at Creag Dubh. We headed to Lower Central Wall and warmed up on Mirador (Severe) which gave some nice climbing and worth doing if climbing at the grade. Next on the agenda was the 3 star classic on Great Wall, King Bee (VS). I led up feeding Rachel's rope though the original line and made sure Pete's went through the variation start at HVS 5a to give him a bit of a work out. After topping out, we abseiled down and Pete and I climbed the classic Inbred (HVS 5a) in two pitches. An essential route for anyone who climbs at Creag Dubh. After another abseil we all went back to Lower Central Wall and all climbed the 'interestingly' named Phellatio (HVS 5a) which was another great route but quite a serious finale. A fabulous day and great to be back in the su

Amazing rock on Inbred

Pete approaching the first belay

Amazing rock and weather

Pete abseiling off

Pete getting tangled up

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