Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Spain 2012

Just back from two weeks sport climbing in Spain to be met by torrential rain here in the UK.  Looks like everone done south have been hit hard.  Hope everyone is drying out nicely.  It was amazing flying back over the UK above the weather systems that were hitting the county, very impressive cloud formations, I was just glad I was above it all.

So we went to Suirana and then onto Margalef. There were loads of folk around, all having a good time... Here are some photo's.

John crusing a 7a at Monsant

Yours truly on a 7b

Will crushing a 60m 7b

Anna finishing off on a 7a arete

Anna on a briulliant 7a+

John on a 7a as the sun was going down

Lee Dog banging out a 7b at Margalef

Phil on some 7c action

Ben working the moves out on a 8a+

John at the top of his 7c project

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