Monday, 10 December 2012

Moonlight Gully Butress

Today Kenny and I only had time for a quick and easy day so we stayed low and did a shout route neither of us had done.  Moonlight Gully Buttress was a suitable option as we wanted to save our legs for a Cuillin Ridge Traverse tomorrow and neither of us had climbed a route on this cliff.  The weather was fantastic and conditions looked great higher up (looked like there was a bit of verglass around).  We climbed two pitches, I'm not 100% which route we did Didn't take a guide book) but it felt somewhere around IV,4/5.  It followed the most obvious line on the buttress.  We were back in good time to get ready for a trip upto Skye.  Dunc and Mike Brownlow climbed Lost The Place.

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