Tuesday, 2 April 2013

North Gully

John leading the first pitch

Happy at the second belay...loving leading
Loving winter climbing!

Loving the moment!

Easy peesy for someone as cool as John!

Big Day for John today!  Leading day!  We had Jenny along who was going to be a willing belayer and also to climb here first ever winter climb!  It was definitely going to be a good day had by all!  We were all able to solo up to the base of North Gully (II) where John created a strong belay for us all to attach into and get ourselves organised.  With a stance cut, ropes flaked and plan made, John set off on his first lead.  He instantly spotted the first runner, crucial to protect the belay.  This gave confidence as he moved up into the steeper ground.  Ice screws were going in like a dream and John's climbing was very steady, it was great to watch.  Belay didn't take long to make.  John led 5 contrasting pitches as I soloed next to him helping and coaching where he needed.  As Jenny climbed up, John and I could both see that she was really enjoying the experience.  She cruised up every pitch and didn't even get cold...amazing!  After topping out we made the 20 minute walk up to the summit for more stunning views.  We have been blessed with several of these over the last week!  A great day for both John and Jenny and very enjoyable for me too.

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