Thursday, 18 April 2013

Ski touring in Austria

So after a fantastic party at the Original Hofbrau House in Munich, we departed from our friends and made our way to Austria.
Re-hydration before our ski touring
From here we made tracks from Ischgl through some absolutly stunning mountain scenery, through some very fancy mountain huts through to Galtur where it was a short journey back to the van.  As this was the first time Mike and I have ski toured we found it a very steep learning curve but we were pretty sure we knew what we were doing by the end of it!
Mike enjoying the blue skies

Well needed rests!  It was getting hot!

Nice gentle ascents

More rests...

We found it hard skiing with a heavy rucksack!

First attempt at a "steep" kick turn....Failed!
 It was a brilliant first ski tour, spent several days in the mountains.  Snow conditions werent perfect but we toured some great mountians and found some good descents.


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