Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Ski touring in Italy

About to embark on our second ski tour
After an absolute epic drive from Austria to Italy, Mike and I embarked on our second ski tour.  The Grand Paridiso tour.  We had a casual start as it was only a two hour skin up to the Sella hut where we had organised to meet up with John, Paul and Guy.  The next day we set off early doors and made our way up to a col.  It turned out that it was the wrong col (I wasn't navigating!) and we ended up doing some gnarly down climbing and even gnarlier abseiling.  This got us onto some terrible snow, none of us could turn, it was almost impossible to ski.  From this point Mike and I decided to bail down to Val Savarenche and made our way back to Aosta.  It was a nice little day tour but conditions weren't ideal.

Up to the col we go...

Back down the other side

Unpleasant abseiling

Guy (the other one) keeping well out of the way of falling debris

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