Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Number 6 Gully

Team ahead making swift work of the crux

Speedy clove hitch trickery

John pulling out of the crux pitch

John pointing to his home

SCNL was deserted

Saw a couple of solo walkers...what a day for it!
John was keen for a mid week break from Ben Nevis so we ended up in Glencoe.  John liked the idea of Number 6 Gully (IV,4) as it had a short walk in and its not a massive day.... (un)Fortunately it didn't pan out that way.  We had agreed that we would take it easy today and not have a massive day, so we have energy for two more days on Ben Nevis.  On Number 6 Gully, we took the line of most resistance and practised more specific steep ice climbing techniques.  At the top of the route, instead of traversing off we just kept climbing, and climbing and climbing until we found ourselves on top of Stop Coire nan Lochain, one of the finest peaks in the area.  So there goes our 'rest day'!  Calves were burning with lactic acid, face's were burning with the suns rays but it was so worth it.  SCNL has to be one of my favourite summits with stunning views in all directions.  It was a brilliant top out!  The descent was so easy too, with plenty of steep soft snow to bounce down back into the coire below Bidean and back onto the path.  On another note....Elliot's Downfall is getting there....oh and on another's climb was my 80th route of the winter ever!

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