Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Today Kenny and I headed East in search of dry rock as the West coast was surprisingly damp.  It turned out to be fantastic over at Dunkeld and we headed straight up to Upper Cave Crag.  On arrival we realised we left our wires in the car so all we had was a set of cams.  Neither of us fancied heading back down so we just got on Death's Head (E1 5b) and then onto Marjorie Razorblade (E3 6a).  Both worked perfectly with only a rack of cams.  We then went and climbed Tombstone (E2 5c) before heading onto the sport routes.  I hadn't tried the sports routes and we got onto Hamish Teddy's Excellent Adventure (7b+) which was awesome, great climbing up the steep was which is really sustained and interesting throughout.  I think a few more goes and I'll have it in the bag.  After a few goes on it we were totally boxed and had to retreat from the  crag.  Psyched to go back!

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