Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Project Complete

Today Kenny, Deziree and I took the drive back out to Dunkeld for try and finish Hamish Teddy's excellent Adventure (7b+).  I put the clips is and reminded myself of the moves.  Kenny and Deziree then had a play on it too as I got psyched up for my first red point attempt.  Up to the first rest went well where I was able to recover for the crux section, one little error saw me having to down climb but pressed on anyway and found the crux in my wake and shaking out at the heel hook rest.  I knew it was in the bag now, just wanted to make sure I didn't mess it up as there is one tricky section before the easy holds.  A good shake out and a visualisation of the moves set me up nicely to finish at the chains with a massive grin.  Well pleased to get it on my first red point.  I then had a look at Marlene (7c) which felt pretty hard....maybe my next project....

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