Saturday, 22 September 2012

Inn Pinn plus more

I got a last minute call from Mike at Skye Guide's who knew I was up and asked me if I could take 3 up the Inn Pinn.  The guys were super keen to start early so I met them at 7.30 and we headed off in great conditions.  It was apparent right away that these guys dont hang around and we absolutely flew up the ridge to the base of the Inn Pinn.  They said that they only wanted help up the Inn Pinn and then I was free to go as they wanted to carry on to the other Munro's.  So my days work was done by 11am!  Great!  But it turned out the the guys were particularly good banter and a right laugh so I decided I would join them for the rest of their day.  As they were all super fit and with my knowledge of the ridge we bombed over Banachdich, Ghreadaidh and Mhadaidh and shot down An Dorus for lunch in Sligachan Hotel at 3pm.  Rapid day in some great weather.  Some amateur footage from the lads here!  Callum fortunately doesn't show us evidence of how he's feeling!

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