Monday, 15 October 2012

Tower Ridge

Taking out an axe and a pair of crampons paid off today for Dave and I on Tower Ridge.  I may have to think about getting some of my other winter kit out if this weather continues....would have been nice to have my flask today!  Dave was keen to check out Tower Ridge as he plans to climb it in winter with a friend.  Today he got pretty much a complete winter ascent, a little more than expected.  We encountered snow below the Little Tower and we donned our crampons and had an axe at the ready from half way through the Little Tower.  All the old snow from Friday had firmed up nicely with a fresh dusting from yesterday.  Plenty of verglass was sitting on the ledges low down but were avoidable most of the way to the snow line.  Small amounts of rime ice were forming on the upper sections, plenty of crunching going on underfoot, it was brilliant.  Again we had the whole North Face to ourselves and many walkers were watching Dave and I make our way up onto the Great Tower and over Tower Gap.  Very busy on top with plenty of walkers, several pairs of shorts were on show too!  A great day and a nice start to what looks like a promising winter.  Now where is my winter ticklist.....

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