Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Final day of our Munro Course

Check the map before the mist
Our final day and it was a race against the clock. All hell was due to break loose after mid day. We had an early start on the North section so we could get the tricky peaks done first. Fortunately we were able to do Sgurr nan Gillean via the West ridge and Am Basteir before the rain came in.. When it did come in, so did the rain. From Bruach na Frithe we got blasted by what felt like a pressure washer. All the way to the car at Sligachan. Every stitching on our external clothing was wet, for some, internal stitching also. We walked for about 2 hours in the heavy rain and wind. I have to say it felt very satisfying knowing that we had timed things perfectly. Finishing off in the rain was quite a refreshing finale and definitely didn't put a damper onto the enthusiasm of Martin, Nick and James. Fantastic effort by all 3, we really did battle some very foul weather where I know a lot of folk would have ran away to the pub. Looking forward to seeing you guys on the hills again.  This week I have been working for Moran Mountain.

Sgurr nun Gillean

Am Basteir

Whiskey on Bruach na Frithe!

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