Sunday, 11 August 2013

Munro Course on Skye

Eerie Coire lagan.  Can you see the Cioch?
Into Coire Ghrundha
Today is the 1st day of 4 with James, Nick and Martin who are aiming to complete all the Munro's. Martin is well over 200 and has all the Skye Munro's to do. So with 4 days to complete them we got busy today. Unfortunately the weather was horrendous. High winds and pretty much constant rain. Double set of waterproofs would have been a good idea. I decided we would do the Southern 3 Munro's as this requires limited time exposed on the ridge proper. When we were exposed, it was never too difficult. We were up on Sgurr nan Eag after 3 hours from leaving the car, the rain hadn't hit us yet. However en-route out to Sgurr Dubh Mor, we were hit. Hit hard. Our waterproofs put up a good fight but it was only a matter of time. Boots were soaked, rope doubled its weight and clearly I need to replace my waterproof trousers. Our ascent onto Sgurr Alasdair was slow and steady, the rock was greasy and very wet. On the summit we had no view, which has been the same on every other summit. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Our first summit in pea soup

Seeking shelter in the cave...a little damp!

Down the great stone shoot

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