Friday, 30 August 2013

The Camel

Obviously wasn't going to be a high performance day today from me! Even Murdoch was feeling tired. It was a social able day as Tess and Ian were here at The Camel. Ian and Tess were the ones who found and developed SuperCrag. I Started warming up on Paralysis by Analysis (7a+). Bad idea! Too warm too soon, arms ceasing to function. Super high gravity day! As I have done this route before I tried the moves on Giza Break (7b+) which I will work on next time I'm back with fresh arms. I finished off on There's Sand in My Pants (6c+) but wasn't that enjoyable as I was so tired. I finished the day by a sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi! Should be strong next week??
Day 5 – Feeling pathetic and weak!

A great week at new venues and climbed lots of cool routes. We stayed at the Elphin hut which is a fantastic location for climbing in the NW highlands.
Ian on the 8a

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