Thursday, 29 August 2013


Everything ached today but after we got a few routes climbed I was feeling better. We started the day with a pumpy traverse of Walk across the Rooftops (E3 5c), not an ideal start to the day but was a nice climb, very pumpy. Then we climbed Immaculate Deception (E1 5b) and had another wee solo around. After this we went back into Stone Pig area and climbed Sonique (E4 5c) which was a brilliant route, really worth doing then followed by Miss Moneypenny (E5 6a) which I managed to get up by the skin of my teeth. Wicked routes in this wee area, very pumpy climbing I thought. Day 4 – Completely Broken and needing arm transplants! Too tired to take photos.
Murdoch Walking Across the Rooftops

Mountaineering to find a route

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