Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Goat Crag

Me on Snowflake Photo credit Nadir Khan
Went to a brilliant new venue today for a spot of sport climbing.  Maybe one of the best sport crags in the country.... I joined Murdoch and we also had Nadir Khan, a talented photographer who was getting some photos for an up coming article in Climb magazine.  The gneiss at Goat Crag gave fantastic varied climbing and felt pretty sustained, even the easy routes!  We started on Hydrotherepy (6c+) to get warmed up then we both did Mactalla.  I got it on my second go and to be honest it is the best 7a+ I have ever climbed. Just amazing fun!  Murdoch went on to climb Fun Prow (8a), amazing effort! The Prow LH Finish (7c), also impressive and I did a  few more 6's to get a bit of mileage and have a bit of a rest.  Unfortunately before I could try anything else, the wind dropped and the midges came out in force.  We had to do a rapid crag evacuation!  Cant wait to get back!
Murdoch ready for his 8a
Murdoch cooling down on Snowflake
Murdoch on the Prow

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