Thursday, 28 March 2013

Crowberry Gully

Easy terrain into the route
A fantastic route
36 hours ago he was in Nigeria, today John was standing with me on the summit of Buachaille Etive Mor in Glencoe.  We climbed the classic route Crowberry Gully (IV,4).  It was a brilliant route, I have been wanting to climb this for quite a long time and was perfect for John as he want to consolidate on grade IV's and work towards grade V.  We have 7 days (with a weekend break) to do this!  The route was thin in places, clearly had quite alot of traffic but with a delicate touch then it is still great fun.  We pretty much had the route to ourselves  one team were with us on the route but we never got in each others way.  The weather has been perfect for us, conditions are great with so many options to go for this coming Easter.  Other teams were enjoying alpine conditions on Curved Ridge and I saw the remains of Blair who was digging pits for the avalanche forecast.  Looked like lots of teams on Number 6 Gully and Blue Ribband is looking good!

John finishing off the crux

I told him to stop picking his nose!

Easy peasy descent
Loots more photos HERE!

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