Sunday, 3 March 2013

Sinister Prong

Everest to this

Loving the neve (bit soggy)

Great views from the descent
Day one of a week long climbing course for Roger.  This week is going to be an interesting one as Roger is un sure of what to do next in terms of the mountains.  The last route he climbed was Everest, 10 months ago.  So what does one do after Everest....well Scottish winter climbing of course!  So with some great conditions in the North West highlands we started off on Liathach with a fine ascent of George (III,4).  With one team beating us to the start by a few paces, we opted for the harder left fort of Sinister Prong (IV,5)***.  It was a great piece of ice climbing which was quite thin and where we both had to pull a little.  It was perfect for Roger, he found that love of the mountains that had been sitting dormant for 10 months and loved the challenge of having to pull on his arms! This is going to be a good week working for Martin Moran.

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