Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Umbrella Falls

Murdoch soloing up the first tier

Murdoch bum sliding down.  Ice everywhere!

More ice everywhere!  Crag is in great condition.
A day off today and it really did feel like a day off.  A nice late start to 9am followed by an ascent of Umbrella Falls (V,5) on Liathach.  Murdoch and I had planned to climb this the last time we were here last week but decided to save it and get it done today.  It was brilliant.  A little harder than Poachers Fall but the quality of climbing was brilliant.  Really worth doing.  We soloed up the lower tier (about grade IV) and then roped up for the main two pitches.  There were other teams on Poachers Fall and another team on Umbrella by the time we had got back down to the bags.  A great route....better than Poachers....maybe....

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