Saturday, 9 March 2013

Poachers Fall and Salmon Leap


Look at the chap high on Poachers (in red)

Now look at him, he just took a lob!  Very exciting!

He was fine so we climbed on...

This is for you Jenny!
Big plans were being developed last night so Murdoch and I, both full of psyche met at 4.30am for a day of ice climbing on Liathach.  We had planned to climb 4 ice route but only came away with two. Two amazing route might I add!  On arrival to the crag at the crack of dawn we started on the Cold Climbs Classic of Poachers Fall (V,5).  A route that I have wanted to climb for a while and a route Murdoch has been wanting to do ever since he was born.  it was on of the best grade V ice routes Ive done, a true classic.  With loads of time on our hand we then went and climbed Salmon Leap (VI,6) which is also a must do route.  The conditions were just perfect.  The ice was steep but totally bomber.  Ice screws were up to the hilt and belays were good!  Two outstanding routes.  We were going to do Umbrella Falls (V,5) but we decided to save it for another day.  Martin Moran and his client did climb it and said it was in great condition   Alan Fyfee and his mates climbed Sinister Prong which was also amazing.  Worth getting up there, conditions are great right now.  Mixed and Ice, your decision!


Blair Fyffe said...

Who is Alan Fyfee?

Blair Fyffe said...
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Guy Steven said...

Ahh that will be your Daddy! With a slight spelling error!