Friday, 22 March 2013

Very windy on Skye

After 3 days of fantastic skiing at Aonach Mor I was really keen to get back into the mountains for some climbing.  Today I was out with Tim and Tristian, who originally, were keen to do a ridge traverse should the Cuillin be in suitable condition.  With 90mph gusts forecast there was no way we were to spend any length of time exposed on the Black Cuillin. Instead we opted for some low level snow skills and a spot of low level ice climbing.  On the walk in to Coir' a' Bhasteir we were pelted by the strong gusts at uncomfortable regularity with a skin peeling blast of snow and ice.  On arrival into the coire we had now entered the washing machine.  The cycle was irregular with slight breaks in the wind which meant we could stay sane and have a full day.  After some skills and some ice climbing we decided to make our way up onto the ridge for one of the best views of the country.  This was by no means an easy feat, the winds were still powerful, bringing us to our knees on several occasions.  Arrival to our summit was rewarded with a stunning view of the ridge and some wind blasted faces!  A great day in some truly wild weather.  Today I was working for Skye Guides.

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