Sunday, 17 March 2013

Vanishing Gully

Good mixed conditions

Simon ready for the squeeze into the cave

Lots of snow had fallen overnight here on the West coast.  With this much snow it would make moving around the mountains hard work.  By no means impossible but time consuming and sweaty!  Simon had a flight to catch this evening so we opted for a route that isnt too committing and didn't require a time consuming wade.  The mighty vanishing Gully (V,5) fitted the bill.  We were not the only ones with the same idea, two teams were ahead of us and two teams behind but as I arrived at the top of the first pitch I found the cave empty so Simon and I sheltered in there.  Unfortunately whilst at the bottom I was struck by a large piece of ice which damaged my helmet.  It didn't take a spinal surgeon (Simon) to tell me that it would have fractured my scull had I not been wearing a helmet!  I'm just glad it hit my helmet and not my shoulder.  Anyway, despite needing a new helmet, it was a great day to Simon's weekend of Grade V ice.

My helmet with the fracture.  Fracture is also visible inside the helmet.  (Never a good idea to climb below other people)

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