Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Point 5 Gully

Tea on the summit

Food on the summit

Home made flan and home made apple and raspberry crumble!
getting out of our quaint accommodation this morning at 5am, Roger and I both had a spring in our step as we headed in for some classic grade 5 ice action.  We had discussed all day yesterday what we would climb but the final decision was either Orion Direct, Point 5 Gully or Hadrian's Direct.  When we got to the CIC hut we spotted a team going for Orion Direct so we went for Point 5 Gully (V,5)****.  We were first on and made great progress through the route encountering some fantastic ice.  Unfortunately we could only see about 10m around us as the cloud was in thick and hard but this was great for staying focussed on the task in hand.   Haribo's were the main sponsors of the trip and I can report they were ample fuel for completing this journey up this amazing grade V Cold Climb's Classic!  Another great day was done before we headed back to our -2 star shed for some flan and crumble!

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