Tuesday, 29 January 2013

A' Cioch Traverse

Big day today, a fine 10 hours on the hill. 126Mph winds recorded on Bealach na Ba. Simon, Lloyd, Andy and I went for a sheltered day on the A' Chioch Traverse (II). With the initial grade I terrain the team moved together alpine style to cover the tricky sections in a safe and efficient manner, including some tricky down climbing. On arrival to the final steep wall Lloyd took over and led a couple of pitches. When the heavens opened...with rain...I took over and led them to the top. That was the easy part done. Now fully exposed to the winds we were barely able to move over the Plateau of Beinn Bhan. Frequently we were blown to the ground turning this day out into quite a serious proposition. We pressed on this time linked together like the forwards in a rugby scum. The wind kept winning the ball and forcing us to the ground. Unable to proceed in this struggle, a quick consultation with the map we made a drastic detour to lower our altitude and escape the winds. Fortunately we were unscaved and all in one piece however we were along way from the car. I left the team and made a long trip round to pick up the car and pick up the team. We were all soaked to the skin, tired and thoroughly enjoyed our exciting day...well I did anyway! Easy day tomorrow maybe?

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