Monday, 21 January 2013

North Gully of A' Chioch

Silver Tear not quite there yet

Chaz entering the gully
Who ever gets their screw gate first wins!

Today I was back out with Rob, Ian and Chaz for more winter climbing on their Intro Winter Climbing course. Today we opted for a route out of the wind and headed into Beinn Bhan in Applecross. This gully is a fantastic deep gash in the mountain which led onto the A' Chioch Ridge. Conditions in the gully were ok. A lot of the snow was quite soft and powdery however there was some bomber ice to swing into. The turf was pretty exceptional too. It did feel quite spicy in places so I thought it felt a bit more like grade 3 in the current conditions. We could still do with a bit of a thaw and re-freeze. But as yesterday, the North West is amazing and there are some fantastic mountains up here. I cant believe I haven't spent much time up here!

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