Saturday, 5 January 2013

Great Gully on Blabheinn

'Winter' on Skye?

Somewhere in Great Gully

Up to the Summit

Wee bit damp
Today I was back up on Skye but this time it was quite different to my last visit (See HERE).  Temperatures were in double figures and there was no sign of snow as we walked in.  Fortunately there was some snow in the Great Gully which splits the two tops of Blabheinn so I headed up there with George and Corson close behind.  The snow was generally OK, lots of holes were appearing and some of them would have been very unpleasant to fall through.  When we reached the summit, the rain came in fast and hard and stayed with us for the whole descent.  It was great to climb a new mountain that I haven't been on before and I have now done all the Munros on Skye.  Looking forward to getting back on Blabheinn in some visibility.

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