Thursday, 10 January 2013

Ring of Steall

Next week I am out with John for a 5 day climbing course and he wanted to use today to blow away the cobwebs and have a good journey through the mountains, going over some summits he hasn't been over.  We agreed the Ring of Steall in the Mamores would be good option as its a big day, covers some interesting terrain and John gets a good view of Kinlochleven which is where lots of his family live.  There wasn't great snow cover along the route, we never put crampons on however we uncounted some verglass which nearly saw us both on our backsides several times!  We also managed to find a great slope for a fast and uncontrolled bum slide which had a perfect run out.  Quite in the Mamores today, we only saw one other team and unfortunately the cloud kept coming in to obscure our views.

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