Monday, 14 January 2013


Today was the first day of John's 5 day sending program.  The aim is to climb lots of routes around grade III and hopefully at different venues. Today was a last minute change of plan as John's friend Colleen joined us.  This was Colleen's first time in crampons outside, all she had done in the past was a couple of session on a artificial ice wall.   A quick introduction was on the cards.  We opted for a short route, which was low down and had an easy descent so we jumped on the South West Ridge of the Douglas Boulder (III).  We put fresh tracks in up the route, used a little bit of front crawl and breast stroke but generally we had some good climbing on the route.  Still quite a few loose blocks so care is needed throughout.  We made a swift abseil into the Douglas Boulder gap where I lowered the guys back to the first stance.  A really stunning day today, shame I forgot my camera but the snow really made Ben Nevis look magical.  I'm sure Mike got some good photos from Tower Ridge.  I saw teams ascend Ledge Route and North Gully...?

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