Saturday, 26 January 2013

Mad Hatters Gully

Today was my last day off before another weeks work so I was keen to go and climb a route for myself. I met up with Murdoch who is coming back from a bad knee injury so we had a nice slow walk in and opted not to climb anything too hard, save that for a later date. It was a nice 2 hour walk up to the base of Silver Tear in Coire na Poite and we did initially get psyched for this classic route. We realised we would have traverse out or rap back down the route as it wasn't complete so instead we decided to save it for when it is complete. Instead we climbed Mad Hatter's Gully (V,5) which had had a great steep 2nd pitch which Murdoch led well whilst getting a flash pump. It didn't look too steep from below but when I got flash pumped as well I realised it was a great lead by Murdoch who hasn't climbed ice for 2 years and it was steeper than it looked! We had a wander over Beinn Bhan summit and down via Coire an Fhamair which is one of the most impressive cliffs ive seen. Really keen to get back and climb here. Well psyched! Another great day in the North West, conditions are due to change over night so looking forward to seeing what happens.

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