Sunday, 27 January 2013


Simon enjoying full on winter

in the cave
Back to work today and work I did! I was out with the Technical climbers today Simon and Lloyd and with the forecast for the week we grabbed our kit and shot off to get a route in before things become extremely hostile. We went to Liathach, another mountain I haven't visited and what a stunning place. Loads of potential ice lines to climb in the super impressive corries. We walked in to Coire Dubh Mor in the driving rain, eventually it turned to driving snow and waded up to the base of George (III,4). The whole route was a total wade fest, progress was slow but the climbing was brilliant and there is a ace tunnel to squeeze through. After topping out on the route we headed up to the summit of Spidean a Choire Leith whilst getting blasted by the wind. From here we headed east and made our way down the south side of Liathach where I ran a few miles to get the car. A great 8 hour day in very hostile conditions.

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