Sunday, 13 January 2013

Austrian Alpine Club Winter Skills Day 2

Plenty of snow had fallen over night and continued to do so all day which meant we had a winter wonderland to play in.  This enabled us to practice some ice axe arresting back on Aonach Mor, which we didn't do yesterday as I didn't find an ideal place with a nice run out.  Today we got some serious speed and mastered the art of ice axe arrest with plenty of 2nd, 3rd and 4th attempts.  The guys put in a good show today and were really keen to throw themselves down the slope like rag dolls.  Not bad considering the average age was 65!  After filling every crevasse with snow we headed up on to some steeper slopes and did some digging, slashing and kicking (all important skills to learn...honest!) and made our way onto the nid ridge again where we got stuck into some navigation.  From the ridge I manufactured a route which aloud the group to practice their newly honed navigational skills and they got themselves back to the top station in one piece.

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